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I had the chance to speak with Chris Grainger the CEO of Tissot Replica as the brand prepares to launch its new, centralized manufacturing at the end August.

Last time I met Grainger I was struggling to keep pace with him while running along the Miami beach during Watches & Wonders. This time I spoke with him over the phone, from his Schaffhausen offices in Switzerland, so I was not out of breath.

What is the state of Tissot Replica today?

We are very happy with the way things are going for the 150th anniversary year. The 150th Anniversary Year is progressing well. The Jubilee Collection is well replica watches We have had some very nice events with a roadshow and pop-up stores in Amsterdam and Hong Kong. They were also very successful. It makes me reconsider travel retail when I see we can sell at all price points in an airport. Image building is also part of retail.

People are more comfortable when they see that we have a Bucherer boutique in Zurich and do something twice a year in the Zurich Airport. This is a different format from regular retail, it's an open format with something going on, there is no threshold because you don’t have to walk through a door. Many people are unfamiliar with Tissot Replica or mechanical watches. It's an entirely different clientele.

The proportion of people coming in who don't even know about Tissot Replica increases when you create enough visual interest and impact. The openness of the shop is what attracts them. The salesperson has a different experience because they have to learn more.

It's not officially opened yet, but the facility is up and running.

The new factory has started producing watches. Since the start of production in March, we've seen a big difference. When you bring manufacturing together in the right way,Richard Mille Replica with teams that work together and when you gather them in an open environment you get better communication, problem solving and more. Things are lost when things are disassociated. We discussed the previous back and forth, we saw that it would not work. We have open meetings on the shop floor, right next to their workstations. They come together each morning to discuss any issues they may have.

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