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Was the inspiration for the new vintage timepieces? Someone asked for a smaller watch size?

The brief was to design a new steel model that had a three-hand and chronograph movement. Then, using all the colors and finishes available, i looked at what i could propose. I thought, "OK, a brown dial is in my mind, and that reminds of the story about the belly tankers." These colours, brown and black, are so reminiscent to the 1950s. I knew that this was the watch the belly tanker men wore.

Is it more difficult to create innovative designs as vintage watches gain in popularity?

The vintage Blancpain Replica line is not well known by many.Blancpain Replica It's harder to distinguish the vintage model because it is so classic. For a designer, this watch is a basic, timeless watch.

When do you begin working on a new collection?

After Basel, we start to work on new collections because I believe it is important to wait until feedback has been received before starting something new. Basel is the perfect time to get feedback on your designs. You can find out what people think, whether they like them or not, etc. Also, you can see what the other brands are up to and market trends. As you talk to people, all these things are absorbed. You're tired after Basel so you need a month to get your mind clear before you can start designing. Others are faster. Some watches like the X1 take up to three years to design, while others, such as the X2, require two or more years.

Why were the watches made for Renault Sport F1 adapted models of existing watches?

Yes, exactly. We may develop a watch specifically for Renault in the future, but at the moment our focus is on maturing this partnership. It was said that Renault would need five years or more to reach the top of F1, and we plan to follow them. This is a great opportunity for radiomir replica We never thought that Blancpain Replica could enter F1 due to the huge investment required, but Renault has made it possible.

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