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You've never strayed from your own path, and you haven't been influenced in any way by the marketing strategies of other companies. This has helped you become stronger as an organization?

There is no secret. There are no rules. I am a designer and I know exactly what I need to do. I must create good designs that are both innovative and sellable. Some brands invest heavily and move quickly, but they also carry a high risk. We chose to grow slowly in partnership with Chanel,Replica Watches as this is a long term relationship with a vision for the future. It takes time to create a luxury brand that meets our needs.

What makes a Ulysse Nardin Replica special?

Details are important. Take the Bellytanker for example. I'm not familiar with any other watches that have this color combination. The metal bracelet, size, and glass box sapphire are all unique. I'm worried that in the old Swiss brands that are very prestigious,rolex submariner replica not enough people with passion and drive will be given the opportunity to innovate. But, at our small company, everyone is involved. They all love watches, and that matters when it comes to making and selling timepieces.

BR V1 - 92 Bellytanker

Are you noticing Ulysse Nardin Replica fans as your fan base grows?

We met a man a few months ago who had 82 Ulysse Nardin Replica wristwatches. Crazy! Crazy!

Which of the watches that you have designed is your favorite?

The square with the chronograph. This is the watch which was inspired directly by the cockpit. It's also the pinnacle in functional design. This watch is timeless, and I love it. I'm sure I will still love it in 10 years.

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