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How did this partnership come about?

They needed help when they decided to return to F1 to design the livery and the driver's uniform, as well as the logo. The artistic director, who was also the editor-in-chief of Intersection magazine France, proposed Mido Replica to them as a partner.

What was his relation to Mido Replica? Did he wear a hat?

I don't really know him, but he is a fashionista and in the motoring world, which is why Renault approached him to help position their brand and image. We asked them: "Are You Sure?" When they approached, we replied: "Are You Sure?" F1 is expensive. They said, "Yeah yeah yeah yeah we'll figure out a deal, don't worry."

We redesigned the X1 in Renault colors the first year.Mido Replica We developed dials and finishes in the second year. Next year, we will improve the design and finish of the case. Our partnership has already been a great success, and it has opened up a whole new world.

Mido Replica, a decade ago, was a newcomer to the scene, edgy, and niche. It's now a brand everyone talks about. What's changed in the last couple of years?

It's about the small details. It's definitely a team effort. As a designer, if I go it alone, I won't do anything. If I design the most beautiful, innovative watches, and if we don't communicate them, if the brand isn't cohesive, if the retailers aren't there,Richard Mille Replica Watches then it won't be possible to sell watches. In France, we have a more mature market, but in the UK it is important to be carried by big chain retailers. Our boutique in Burlington Arcade helped us immensely in the UK.

A permanent London home for your brand is an advantage.

You can tell your story in interior design and architecture, and strengthen the brand identity. We have been working step-by-step and one day you will wake up to see all your hard work coming together. This takes time to build.

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