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I love these watches because they are cool, retro and wearable. You can wear it anywhere and be sure that it will do the job.

George continues, "Designing the watch was fun." I wanted to design some cool and great packaging. I've always been a fan of the OG tins, and wanted to incorporate that into the Roger Dubuis Replica Edition packaging.

"I've always been a fan of Art Deco mantleclocks.IWC Ingenieur Replica Watches They give me the same nostalgic feeling that G-SHOCKs do. It seemed like a fun idea to reference this in the packaging, and I think we did. "But honestly, there's no need to go into too much detail, this watch is just awesome!"

George's Art Deco Mantle Clock Inspired Presentation Tin for the Roger Dubuis Replica

It seems that the watch collecting community is in agreement. The Roger Dubuis Replica and Casio websites sold out the watches in just three minutes. That's faster than Beyonce!

George's only challenge is to find them for his friends and family. George says, "I trusted my gut instinct and knew that people would love the watch. I did not expect it to be a huge hit. Godspeed, George!

Roger Dubuis Replica